About Us

An Innovative Leader

Cardinal Communication Strategies is a leader in telephone marketing and communication. For over 20 years we have built a premier reputation through use of the highest quality technology, and first-rate customer service. Beyond that, we strive always to help create and add value for our clients. Having completed programs in 37 US states as well as other countries and continents, you can count on us to deliver our products with precision, accuracy and accountability.

Our past clients include international candidates in addition to US presidential, senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial and legislative campaigns, various local campaigns, corporations, non-profits and other organizations. Cardinal is unparalleled in its capacity and technical support, with programs of 100 dials to 2.5 million dials and higher. We maintain strict data integrity and security, and never use VOIP.

Our Teleforums, automated and live programs are highly effective tools to communicate your message. With each meant for a different purpose, we work with you to create the correct communication mix to strategically reach the goals of your organization.

Our Philosophy

We believe communication should be simple. We believe the most effective way to reach and motivate an audience is through direct contact. We believe in providing quality service for our clients by optimizing the speed, precision and results offered by telephone marketing.


Cardinal proudly delivers quality service to campaigns of all sizes as well as commercial clients. We are the recipient of numerous Pollie Awards for political and public affairs work. Cardinal also named the AAPC 2010 Aristotle Republican Dream Team Award Winner, which is described as by the AAPC as “the most distinguished and accomplished campaign operatives from around the globe.”

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