Automated Calls

Simple, reliable, and cost effective, automated (as known as “robo calls”) are a direct and interactive means to communicate a message quickly across a small or large audience.

Capabilities and Features
  • Unparalleled volume and capacity
  • Specific messages for live answers and answering machine
  • Analysis on every number dialed including who was reached, when and how were they reached, and how long did the automated system connect with their household
  • Multiple retries for maximum delivery efficiency
  • Technical Support to speed up or slow down a dialing program for best results
  • Program caller ID
Application and Uses
The affordability and speed at which automated calls are delivered make it popular for a wide variety of organizations — from political campaigns and businesses to schools and local governments.

Automated calls can also be augmented with other features that expand their use beyond just delivering a message. For instance, campaigns can poll voters, identify households who will post a yard sign, and recruit volunteers via the keypad.

Why Cardinal?
Not all automated calls are equal in quality or service. Cardinal employees high-performance network operators and transmission equipment. Cardinal also offers best-in-class service — providing detailed reports within 24 hours of program, script assistance, and follow up consultation to ensure your results met your expectations. Cardinal does not use VOIP because it lacks consistent quality.

Did you know that delivered automated calls have an average 79% success rate, and that the average person listens to 78% of an auto call (26 seconds of 36 seconds, on a 36 second message)?

Live Calls

A live telephone program adds the personal and human touch to the already existing reliability, speed and precision of the automated call.

Capabilities and Features
  • XXXX live call capacity
  • Live agent interaction to communicate information and advocate
  • Accent neutral agents or specific geographic accents available
  • Multiple language options available so messages can be effectively deliver messages to non-English language speakers
  • Greater connect and delivery rate
  • Analysis on every number dialed including who was reached, when and how were they reached, and how long did the automated system connect with their household
Application and Uses
Live phone calls provide a personal touch to a campaign that results in a greater connect and delivery rate. A live agent can either simply deliver a message or add data capture and responses of the recipient. This allows for basic 1 to 5 questions surveys.
Why Cardinal?
Cardinal partners with the leading call center operations in the country to deliver the best quality at the best prices. Cardinal also works with our clients to develop scripts that will have the greatest impact and minimize hang ups/refusals that can range from 25% to 45%.


TeleForums are an innovative and affordable way to hold a town hall style forum with an elected official, a large company meeting, or to update financial donors of with the latest news.

Capabilities and Features
  • Automated call invitations are sent instantly to your target audience
  • By remaining on the line, or through just the touch of a button, participants join the live TeleForum
  • Participants are able to ask live questions or make comments before or after they are screened
  • Real-time polling function allows for polling participants and returns results instantly.
  • Conference activity is viewed and controlled through an easy to use online Interface
  • The online interface offers live “chat” that allows the hosts, facilitators and staff to communicate regardless of location
  • All conference dialog is digitally recorded and returned to you, for viewing, download, follow up, and future use.
  • Transfer Functionality allows participants to connect with specialists you designate with the press of a button, eliciting immediate, specific action (i.e. to raise funds or provide in-depth feedback directly to your organization)
  • A fully integrated Facebook application allows for the advertising of TeleForums via Facebook, real time interaction during a live program, building and managing lists, and communicating pre- and post- TeleForum events
  • Post-event voice messaging for participants to leave a voicemail
  • Metrics are robust, at-a-glance and detailed, available real-time and immediately following your event to provide actionable information about your audience overall and individually
Application and Uses
TeleForums offer a unique opportunity to engage a large audience in conversation while controlling the message. It is an effective tool for candidates and elected officials to communicate with voters, for professional sports teams to connect with fans, or for businesses to conduct public relations.
Why Cardinal?
We are the choice for this type of program for two simple reasons: 1) our technology is best in class on the market, and 2) we carefully walk you through this experience from the beginning to end. We are personally involved with all of our Teleforums including the initial demo, training, the Teleforum experience, and all post-Teleforum data collection and distribution.


Cardinal’s survey tools are an effective and affordable way of gain valuable insight for your campaign, company, or non-profit. We offer live and automated telephone polling as well as online and texting options.

Capabilities and Features
  • Live agent and automated polling
  • Online and texting polling options
  • Draft survey questions
  • Field surveys within 24 hours of final survey and data
  • Survey analysis and cross tabs
  • Provide data in SPSS format for easy manipulation of results
Application and Uses
Cardinal’s survey can be easily incorporated into an advocacy call or simply stand alone to gather information. Whether for corporate, public affairs, governmental or political clients, Cardinal provides a broad range of survey options including benchmark polls, brushfire polls, tracking polls, customer satisfaction surveys, and bilingual survey research to name a few.
Why Cardinal?
Cardinal is proud to provide an affordable alternative to traditional polling firms that usually charge $20,000 for basic surveys. At a fraction of the cost, Cardinal provides a full range of services depending on the client’s needs — from drafting survey questions to preparing analysis of results.

Patch Throughs

This increasingly popular technology allows us to transfer live answers to an office phone number – directly connecting a concerned citizen with a location that their voice can be heard.

Capabilities and Features
  • Specific messages for live answers and answering machine
  • Analysis on every number dialed including who was reached, when and how were they reached, and how long did the automated system connect with their household
  • Multiple retries for maximum delivery efficiency
  • Targeted connects based on contact’s voter registration
  • Adjust the speed of the patch throughs for a lobbying effort based on our extensive data collection and findings of a 15-20% direct connect by live answers.
Application and Uses
Lobbyists and issue advocacy groups can effectively target their message to push for a vote change or to shore up support. Targeting concerned voters in swing districts allows for major success with this program.
Why Cardinal?
This increasingly popular technology allows us to transfer live answers to an office phone number – directly connecting a concerned citizen with a location that their voice can be heard.

Text Messaging

Texting is becoming ubiquitous among American adult cell phone users with nearly 73% sending and receiving text messages. The most frequent texters, young adults, exchange an average of 109 messages per day according to Pew Research. Cardinal provides clients access to this powerful communication tool to deliver a quick message to a wide audience with precision, and results.

Capabilities and Features
  • Simple message delivery
  • Send link to polling location
  • Fundraising
  • Build volunteer base
  • Survey mobile users
Application and Uses
Text messaging reaches Americans where they are spending more and more of their time — their mobile phone. Whether you need to communicate a quick message or are looking to expand fundraising, texting is a non-intrusive way to reach a targeted audience.
Why Cardinal?
Cardinal is a leader in bringing new and emerging communication technologies into political campaigns and commercial use. Our experience shows that text messages have a 90 percent open and read rate — virtually guaranteeing your message will be seen.

International Phone Programs

In a global market place, you need all the communication tools you rely on in the U.S. available wherever your business takes you. Cardinal has the global experience you’ll need to manage your international phone programs.

Capabilities and Features
  • Automated calls
  • Live calls
  • TeleForums
  • Surveys
  • Text messaging
Application and Uses
International phone programs have few limits and vast potential. Cardinal offers the same phones services abroad that we offer here in the U.S.
Why Cardinal?
Cardinal brings years of experience to your international phone programs. Cardinal was among the first companies to execute TeleForums in Eastern Europe and we were apart of the historic telephone program for the 2011 Belize General Election. We’ve also paved the way for phone programs in Canada and continue to engage markets outside the United States.

Cardinal provides step-by-step assistance throughout your international phone programs. Allow us to work out the details and you can focus on your message.

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls

They exude professionalism. Operator-Assisted Conference Calls are a powerful way to excite a base of core supporters for campaign efforts. It also provides an affordable tool for meetings of high-level employees, donors or board members, where professionalism and event control is crucial.

These conference calls are operator-led, with custom greetings, Q and A support, the ability to use a preapproved list of attendees, and can be held anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Capabilities and Features
  • Operator-led, with custom greetings
  • Pre-conference speaker line
  • Full conference recording as well as a complete list of participants that dialed in for the event
  • Optional dedicated communication line for Q and A management and event transcription
  • Flexible scheduling, can be held anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Application and Uses
Whether for a campaign event or a corporate board meeting, take advantage of the operator assisted conference technology for sophisticated yet flexible programs.
Why Cardinal?
Customers who have used the Operator-Assisted Conference Call can attest to its unique and elevated position in the realm of conference calls.  When it’s mission critical that an event call run with precision, professionalism, and absolute control to ensure a desired result, count on Cardinal to deliver.

Data Management

Data Management services at Cardinal provide customers with a one stop shop to help execute their programs.  We purchase data for clients, help with targeting, and turn program results into tools that clients can use for a wide range of follow up programs, mail, fundraising, media, outreach and mobilization.

Capabilities and Features
  • High quality, enhanced political and commercial data
  • Experienced targeting based on vote history, likely voter universes, age, and many other variables
  • Benefit from volume discounts on purchases and quick access to data
  • Real time access and best-in-class mobile scrubbing tool
  • Data manipulation tools that allow for specialized programming by state, time zone, area code and any additional fields that exist in original data files
Application and Uses
Data is the basic element for any communication program. Cardinal understands the importance of good data, which is why we offer services to enhance your data files such as added state and time zone flags. We work with our clients to understand their goals and personalize their programs accordingly.
Why Cardinal?
The team at Cardinal understands that data equals results and results equal success.  Especially when it comes to the telephone.  When you start with quality data, your program runs with a higher connect rate, and your message reaches more people. We also believe that the data we return to our customers upon completion of their program is as important, if not more important than the data they provided us.  Finally, our team looks for way to add value for customers.  We’ll manage your data post program to expedite your next steps.

Inbound Calling

Inbound Calling programs offer clients a toll free number with the ability to connect an inbound caller to a live agent or an automated system.  Here at Cardinal, it’s as simple as setting up a number and providing your guidelines for how we answer the call.

Capabilities and Features
  • Using an offsite call center, seamlessly connect inbound callers to live agents, who represent your organization and collect information for you
  • Using an automated system, ask inbound callers to take an action using their voice or the buttons on their phone keypad
  • With the use of a toll free number, allow inbound callers to leave messages that can be retrieved at a later time
Application and Uses
Inbound toll free programs are ideal for soliciting grassroots support and for organizations seeking member feedback or action. Cardinal sets up a toll free number that you can advertise on your website, in newsletters, social media, or emails. Inbound callers can then be used to achieve your goals — whether that is transferring voters to elected officials or engaging an organization’s members to get more involved.
Why Cardinal?
Cardinal’s toll free number management for inbound calling handles the incoming calls so you don’t have to.  Whether you are advertising in a national ad campaign, or simply seeking input from your customers or members, let us develop a program that meets your needs.

Volunteer Calls

This Cardinal technology tool is an innovative web based service that allows volunteers and staff to make telephone calls from anywhere. Reach voters at record speed through the use of our rapid automated dialing technology that screens out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, etc.  The result is more calls are made in less time.

Capabilities and Features
  • Make calls anywhere, home, office or temporary campaign headquarters
  • Flexibility to leave pre-recorded personal greetings for answering machines, for best results
  • Detailed, real-time reports, available on demand
  • Program monitoring and recording of calls for quality control and best practices
  • Enhanced features of warm transfer functionality, call ball scheduling, and live chat
  • Minimum training needed for volunteers or staff  — just 15 minutes and you’ll be ready to go live
  • No expensive start up costs
Application and Uses
Take advantage of a personal touch from a volunteer or staff member with all the efficiencies of a professional call center. There’s no equipment to buy. Your lists are uploaded into our dialing system. The volunteers or staff log on using a computer or a smart phone. The script is on their screen and they are ready to make calls. You get all the reporting features of a large call center company. Calls can even be made with no computer access using a landline or regular cell phone by using a paper script. With this Cardinal service, it’s easy to double the results of your volunteer team for Advocacy and Get Out The Vote programs.
Why Cardinal?
At Cardinal, we know that technology is a tool to improve results.  That’s why we work very hard to identify and make available the tools that will make a difference for our customers.  Volunteer Calls uses the most innovative technology on the market, partnering with the best providers, to deliver the best results.  You can count on it.  Request a demo today.
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